Getting Jigy-Jigy with Jumple

Jumple is the kind of band that can take the art of rock music and blend it seamlessly into a world of fun. This past Friday’s release party for their new EP Jigy-Jigy was a prime example. Dozens packed the narrow stage area at the back of Rasputin Vodka Lounge and let loose to the diverse, eclectic and wild sounds of the unique brand of gypsy-punk-funk that Jumple loves to deliver.

Jum·plē [dʒ’ʌmpl] open to having multiple interpretations and applications

— adjective: creating or arousing excitement
— noun: a gathering of people for the purposes of recreation
— verb: to party like you don’t have to go to work in the morning

Sweaters and jackets piled quickly at the sides of the room after the band’s first song. As anyone who’s seen Jumple before will tell you, it is nearly impossible not to move, dance, shuffle, cheer and Jigy-Jigy when the band hits the stage. For all of you Jumple-virgins out there, the easiest way to describe the experience is “You will have fun.”

The night was a great success, with 3 full sets including covers of traditional gypsy music, Metallica, James Brown and ending with Gogol Bordello’s “Start Wearing Purple”, everyone walked/stumbled away satisfied.

Much like the band itself, the Jigy-Jigy EP is best consumed loud, with friends, and a plethora of alcohol. Tracks like “So Good” will make you shimmy and smile listening to lyrics about lead singer, Eugene Lantsman’s favourite greasy foods, while “You & Me”, “Motivation” and “2012” are likely to insight impromptu dance parties no matter where you are… I may have been Jigy-Jigy’ing on the subway this morning.

To get the skinny on upcoming Jumple shows, you can visit their [Facebook Page].

To listen to and buy the Jigy-Jigy EP (only $5) you can go [here] or visit their [Band Camp].

For even more Jigy-Jigy, check out the gallery from the show below!

(All photos by W.S. Rivera)

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