PP Votes: The Left Needs to Grow a Pair

Are you in favour of the minimum wage being raised to 19 dollars per hour and doubling the corporate income tax rates? How about immediately doubling social assistance and disability rates while eliminating claw backs and restoring the special diet allowance? How would you feel about a political party in favour of ending racial profiling, strengthening hate crime legislation, supporting gay and straight alliances in Ontario schools and providing legal funds to our transgendered community?

There is only one political party who is vocal in it `s commitment to fight udaHuAHudak’s plan to end Aboriginal land reclamations by force. There is only one political party calling for a public inquiry into police conduct during the G20…..And it`s NOT the NDP.

There is only one, clear, honest and compassionate choice in our upcoming election. People of Ontario…please, for the love of Marx….


Workers of Toronto need to unite behind Elizabeth (Liz) Rowley.

Liz Rowley`s  previous political victories include taking part in the legal battle to defend the legal status of the Communist Party as a registered political party in 1991….you know, after the Soviet Union collapsed.

*Previous leaders of Communist movements include Stalin and Mao.

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