Pay No Mind to the Man Behind The Curtain

The price of raw cotton is at a 140 year high and one of the unexamined consequences of this phenomenon is that it is becoming more expensive to print US dollars. In 2008 the price of manufacturing a dollar 6.4 cents. A short two years later it  jumped to 9.6 cents. I wonder if it’s possible that the actual “demand” from quantitative easing 1 and 2 drove up the price of cotton? It’s doubtful; most of the currency issued by central banks these days is digital. It will be a strange, sober day when people’s blind faith in the status quo dissipates and the realization that their digital money is not even worth the paper it’s not printed on really sinks in. This is the essence of fiat; the only thing which gives the dollar value is how many of them are in circulation. So doesn’t it seem odd that the men in charge of regulating the money supply for the planet’s global reserve currency are not part of any government agency but a private corporation? Google “Jekyll Island, 1913”.

In the midst of the recent economic chaos, I keep thinking about all those signs during the Egyptian uprising that announced solidarity with the workers of Madison, Wisconsin. I’m fairly certain the members of the April 6th movement even sent an actual message to the trade-unionists in Wisconsin. It was something like “the workers of Tahrir Square stand with the workers of Madison, Wisconsin”. That’s pretty remarkable. I mean, according to Council on Foreign Relations and “pseudo-academics” like Samuel P. Huntington we are supposed to be in the middle of a “clash of civilizations” with these people. Instead, here you have channels of global unity spontaneously developing within countries whose peoples are supposed to hate one another. Even more amazingly, the organizing principle behind this new form of solidarity isn’t actually ideological or even political; it’s economic. As Trends forecaster Gerald Celente would say “when people have nothing to lose, they lose it”.

The global financial meltdown of 2008 had only one really positive consequence; we’re all on the same side now. It wiped away factional disputes and new battle lines for this global insurrection against banker occupation materialized almost instantly. Who would have thought some idiot in AIG underwriting credit default swaps on pools of sub-prime debt would play an integral role in uniting the proletariat of nearly every continent on Earth?

Think about how ridiculous this is for a second… central banks create money out of thin air and then loan that money to regular banks at virtually 0% interest rates… then commercial and investment banks loan this money back to various governments through the purchase of treasury bonds at considerably higher interest rates. The difference between interest rates is what is called “profit” and occasionally bankers will graciously donate some of this money back to politicians in the form of lobbying/campaign finance to ensure more of the same.  This is supposedly how the ‘free market’ works.

At its core, this is a battle between the issuers of credit and currency (central banks) and a sort of global stateless-senate who fund various governments (bondholders) on one side. Workers and savers constitute the category I like to refer to as ‘everyone else’. We are forced to rubber stamp whatever symbolic representative the elite appoint by voting every couple of years. Meanwhile, the Bondholders get to vote through capital flight, engaging in moment by moment referendums on government policy. Back in 2010 when Obama began to chastise bankers for writing themselves huge bonuses with bailout funds, nearly every major banking institution started shifting their financial support to Republican candidates for the mid-term elections. Leading the charge was Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase whose political action committee started donating en-masse to Republicans; in particular to Scott Brown, whose magical 41st seat in the senate equipped the GOP with ability obstruct any potential reforms through a super-majority proof filibuster.  Obama promptly backed-off and explained that most bankers `were good guys` and even cited Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfien as examples.

The entire structure of decision making is basically in the hands of transnational corporations, investment banks and their respective think-tanks and round-tables. Noam Chomsky commenting on the consequences of deregulated economic Neo-Liberalism said “The United States is so deeply in hock to [the] international financial community [because of debt] that they have a lock on US policy. If something happens here – say, increasing workers’ salaries – that the bondholders don’t like and will cut down their short terms profit, they’ll just start withdrawing from the US bond market. That will drive interest rates up, which drives the economy down”.

In this new paradigm, the old Marxist interpretations of class-struggle seem to be obsolete. In the old Sob’s defence, he couldn’t possibly have envisioned anything like the Citizens United Supreme Court Decision, Credit Default Swaps or Globalized fractional reserve banking (complete with its off-shore tax havens), Sovereign currency raiders and bailout funds.  This new model of imperialism is stateless; perhaps it’s not even imperialism. Adam’s Smith’s “Wealth of Nations” is only a useful document if one stipulates that nation states are the main centres of political and economic power. Slavoj Zezek put it best when he stated that “we no longer have the language necessary to articulate our un-freedom”.

Now Slavoj Zezek might be certifiably insane, but at least he`s for real. I can’t help but cringe a little when I see multi-millionaires like Michael Moore throw around words like Plutocracy and refer to the Forbes 400, while simultaneously denouncing the Federal Reserve as a “distraction” and calling for higher taxation. I don’t think Moore is corrupt but he must be a fairly large depositor of either ignorance or laziness to the bank where intellectual prowess accumulates its much undervalued interest. It’s almost as bad as Al Gore flying around in a private jet rambling on about the securitization of carbon taxes, while conveniently omitting the part about former Enron CEO Ken Lay being a key architect of the policy.

Paradoxically the only human being alive on the political stage who is passionately advocating for an end to this new economic imperialism is none other than Ron Paul; a Libertarian champion of free-market capitalism and about as right wing as you can get. What frightens elite’s about Paul is he has correctly identified the true nexuses of global power; The Federal Reserve System and The Military Industrial Complex.  American Presidential Candidates are not allowed to say crazy things like `end the wars and banker bailouts`. On top of which, the people who own the transnational corporation, who in turn own the 6 or 7 main media outlets that deliver the news are fighting back. Those who control the issuance of credit and currency and finance American militarism aboard are fighting back.  The weapon manufactures who own the companies which swallow tax dollars in order create predator drones are fighting back.  Even though Ron Paul has won a number of significant straw polls, is raising more money that most of the other candidates and polls consistently higher than almost everyone except Mitt Romney, the Media will NOT give him a fair shake, and for good reason. The institutional structure of corporations does not allow them to undermine their own existence.

This is what the conspiracy theorists hate most, primarily that there is no conspiracy. Everything is out in the open.  The world really is run by a small group of sociopaths who are trying to enslave you within a technologically sophisticated digital plantation. The joke of it is, no one cares. I can go online and read Trilateral Commission documents outlining how state planners in the late 1960s should go about “overcoming the problem of excess democracy” generated by the civil rights movement.  The Council on Foreign Relations publishes a monthly journal. They feature remarkably illuminating articles about how the US government should confront that `threat of popular demand for the immediate improvement of low living standards for the masses`.  You can purchase the damn thing at Indigo Bookstores for Christ Sakes! And Indigo’s CEO Heather Reismen is on the steering committee for the Bilderberg Group, perhaps the most powerful collection of state planners, central bankers and media moguls in human history.

This is The New Imperialism; a collection of private, stateless, multi-ethnic and multi-national elites who consolidate wealth and power off-shore, using governments as fronts. In a system like this every 4 years or so the Banks and Corporations of all countries will just appoint a symbolic leader to makes speeches, read off a teleprompter and absorb the political blame. All while they raid the treasuries of sovereign nations and manipulate states into going to war with one another so they can profit from the manufacture and sale of weapons (often financing both sides of any given conflict). There is one catch though, us ordinary folk  may not have the ability to vote through capital flight, lobbying or campaign contributions but we do have the beneficial advantage of exercising our economies of scale. More and more these days people are casting their votes out in the streets. And my God aren’t there a lot of us!

From Tahrir Square to Madison Wisconsin to the slums of London to the streets of Tel Aviv and many, many more…. OCCUPY EVERYTHING.

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