PP Votes: Cait Goes Liberal

With the Ontario election just days away, I would like to offer a few reasons why I think the Ontario Liberal Party is the best of our governing options.  As a preceding caveat, I would like to explain that I am not a political analyst.  I am a 20-something woman, university educated and city-dwelling.   My opinions are based on my experiences living, learning and working in this province.

To begin with, I feel that the Liberals actually have a decent track record for the eight years they have held power.  When you consider the mess left behind by NDP Premier Bob Rae and PC Premier Mike Harris, the fact that this province isn’t completely collapsing under the current economic strain is pretty impressive.  Two major areas of improvement are healthcare and education.  As the campaign ads keep reminding us, the Liberals have opened hospitals (rather than close them) and hired nurses and doctors, proving that healthcare is a priority to them.  With an aging population, this is nothing to sneeze at.  Education is also high on the Liberal To Do list.  Perhaps the most telling fact is that there hasn’t been a public school teachers’ strike in Ontario since 1997.  The implementation of full-day kindergarten is innovative and sets a higher standard in terms of early education.  They have also promised to take 30% off the cost of tuition for middle- and lower-income families, which shows a commitment to controlling the, admittedly, ballooning costs of post-secondary education and making a university/college education accessible to more students.

Perhaps most impressive is the Liberals’ dedication to the environment – even David Suzuki has endorsed the Liberals’ efforts and their plan for the future.  Green energy is not only imperative to the future of our planet; it will increasingly become an economic cornerstone as oil reserves worldwide begin to dwindle.  Investments in green energy, like the ones the Liberal Party of Ontario is making now, will ensure that our province is both beautiful and economically sound in the future.


About the Author: Cait writes PP’s advice column A Shot in the Arm.

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