Hump Day Trivia XI

“Canada and Mexico, as the saying goes, have one common problem between them.”

– J.C.M. Ogelsby


1.  The US government stopped funding programs to listen to radio signals from space in 1993, and nowadays much of the money for this project comes from Paul Allen.

2.  In 1939 a ship approached Canada’s shores carrying Jewish refugees.  We turned them away, and a quarter later died in concentration camps.

3.  In 2004, while announcing the election results in the Ukraine, the sign language interpreter signed to the viewers: “ “I am addressing everybody who is deaf in Ukraine.  Our president is Victor Yushchenko.  Do not trust the results of the central election committee.  They are all lies…. And I am very ashamed to translate such lies to you.  Maybe you will see me again.” ” The Orange Revolution immediately followed.

4.  There is no evidence of the Polish Cavalry defending against German tanks on horseback with lances and sabres during the 1939 invasion.  The myth probably began with German propaganda.

5.  Large bodies of water are not blue from the sky’s reflection; pure water actually has a slight bluish tint that is just imperceptible in small quantities.

6.  The international language of Esperanto is famous for being easy to learn.  Another one, Interlingua, was designed for any European language speaker to read easily.  I’m betting, for example, that even readers who have never seen it written in their life will understand at least half of the following paragraph (from Wikipedia):  “Interlingua se ha distachate ab le movimento pro le disveloppamento e le introduction de un lingua universal pro tote le humanitate.  Si o non on crede que un lingua pro tote le humanitate es possibile, si o non on crede que interlingua va devenir un tal lingua es totalmente indifferente ab le puncto de vista de interlingua mesme.  Le sol facto que importa (ab le puncto de vista de interlingua mesme) es que interlingua, gratias a su ambition de reflecter le homogeneitate cultural e ergo linguistic del occidente, es capace de render servicios tangibile a iste precise momento del historia del mundo.  Il es per su contributiones actual e non per le promissas de su adherentes que interlingua vole esser judicate.”

7.  Immediately after Martin Luther King’s assassination, Jessie Jackson rubbed his blood on his shirt to make it look like he was closer to him.

8.  The CEO of LifeLock has tried to prove his company works by putting his social security number on billboards.  His identity has thus been stolen at least 13 times.

9.  Tom Waits does not allow his music to be used in commercials, and has gone to court numerous times when it’s happened.

10.  The lethal dose of cannabis is estimated to be 1,500 pounds consumed within 14 minutes.

11.  “Chance of Precipitation” does not exactly mean the chance precipitation will occur.  Meteorologists run many weather models through computers, and the percentage of models showing precipitation gives them that statistic.

12.  In the painting American Gothic, it’s a farmer and his daughter, not wife.

(American Gothic)

13.  Prince has reportedly needed double-hip-replacement surgery since 2005 but won’t undergo the operation unless it is a bloodless surgery, as he’s a Jehovah’s Witnesses and refuses blood transfusions.

14.  A Magic 8 Ball is much more likely to say yes than no.

15.  Every Chinese citizen aged 12 and up is required to plant three trees a year.

16.  The candy we call “Rockets” in Canada are called “Smarties” in the U.S., and what Canadians call smarties don’t exist at all down there.  Neither do Caesar cocktails, which are virtually unknown outside our country.

17.  More people speak Kannada (~50m) than live in Canada (~35m).

18.  Tina Fey got her scar when a random stranger came up and slashed her face when she was five.



19.  During testing, condoms are inflated three feet long and one foot wide.

20.  In 1973 the astronauts of the space station Skylab went on strike.






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