Hump Day Trivia XII

“York is just emerging from the woods, but bids fair to be a flourishing town.”

– John Bennett, the King’s Printer in Upper Canada (1801)[1]


1.  When you were an embryo, the first thing that developed was your anus.

2.  The actor who plays the male lead in The Nanny is a baron.

3.  In the 19th Century buckles were seen as an emblem of quaintness.  Thus Santa Claus was given one, as were the pilgrims, along with black attire and tall hats, none of which they actually wore.

4.  0.999… to infinity is exactly equal to 1.

5.  The most expensive object in the world? By far, the International Space Station.

6.  Scientists have estimated we have enough at our disposal to feed 12 billion people.

7.  Elephants have funerals with complicated rituals that last for days.

8.  Although humans are not the fastest animals on Earth, we are excellent at endurance running, and over long distances can outrun almost any type of animal, including dogs and horses.

9.  The coldest large American city in the summer is San Francisco.

10.  Because Wahabism considers worshipping them impure, the Saudi government has destroyed almost all the Islamic historical sites in Mecca and Medina.  Muhammad’s wife’s tomb has even been turned into a public toilet.

11.  Once upon a time there was a Super soaker so powerful, it had to be taken off the market for causing too many injuries.

12.  Dick Cheney has no pulse.

13.  In 1982, the creator of Victoria’s Secret sold his company, which had an annual gross revenue of $6 million / year, for $4 million.  He jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in 1993.

14.  In 1988 the Canadian Parliament debated an attempt to block the trade of Gretzky to the LA Kings.

15.  According to the Guano Act, if an American finds bird crap on an uninhabited island, they can claim it for the States.  Still on the books.

16.  In 2005 casino magnate Steve Wynn accidentally pushed his elbow through a $139 million Picasso painting.

17.  9% of Canadians live overseas, including over a million in the US and three hundred thousand in Hong Kong – almost one in twenty of the people there.

18.  To vomit, a frog throws up its stomach.  It then uses its legs to clear any unwanted contents from said stomach, before swallowing it back down again.

19.  Almost every free porn streaming site is owned by one company.

20.  Edgar Allan Poe wrote one novel called The Strange Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket.  In the book, a shipwreck occurs and a lifeboat with four survivors is set afloat.   After many days, three end up eating the youngest sailor, named Richard Parker.  This was entirely fictional, written in 1838.   Forty-six years later, in 1884, a British ship named the Mignonette sank in the South Atlantic.  A lifeboat set off with four survivors.   The three oldest ones end up eating the the youngest, a 16-year old cabin boy… named Richard Parker.



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