A Quick Review of The Zoo Story

There is certain poignant relevance to our contemporary world to found in the themes of Edward Albee’s The Zoo Story. Albee’s classic centres on the disturbed, lonely, and frantic Jerry, who is desperate to find someone with whom he can make a real human connection. He encounters Peter, a wealthy family man and imposes himself on him on a bench in Central Park. While Albee penned the play over fifty years ago, the idea of being isolated and despairing for human connection still rings true today when our hyper-connected world has supplanted electronic communication for real, face to face contact.

Two Wolves Theatre Company is currently performing The Zoo Story in the Cameron House backspace directed by Eli Jenkins with Jason Siks as Jerry and Jesse Watts as Peter. The production is gritty and intimate, a compliment to Albee’s focus on intimate human communication.

The play runs until Saturday September 24th (today) with shows beginning at 8pm. Reserve a seat through the website or by emailing twowolvestheatre@gmail.com. $10.

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