Hump Day Trivia VII

“The huge advantage of Canada is its backwardness.”

– Marshall McLuhan


1.  Grand Theft Auto and The Price is Right use the same font.

2.  We call the animal “turkey” because the English used to think it came from Turkey. The Turks call it Hindi for the same resason.


3.  Godzilla’s roar is a leather glove grinding against bass guitar strings.


4. While caffeine can cause thirst, coffee has more than enough water to offset this.


5.  The Navy SEALs’ dogs have titanium teeth.


6.  Monty Python and the Holy Grail was financed by Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, and Pink Floyd.


7.  It is illegal for anyone to charge less than Canada Post for delivering mail.

8.  Benjamin Franklin said, “as we enjoy great advantages from the inventions of others, we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours, and this we should do freely and generously.” Then therefore never patented an invention.


9.  Remember Michael Ignatieff? His father was a Russian diplomat, his grandmother a princess, and his grandfather an advisor to the Tsar.


10.  A Bushman was stuffed and put on display in a museum in Spain from 1916 to 1997.


11.  Shuffle an ordinary set of cards. The chance that the resulting arrangement you get has existed before is virtually 100%.


12.  Thomas Edison used to have patents covering everything in the film industry, but the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California became known to rule against him. Thus Tinseltown was born.


13.  The Beeb (BBC) almost destroyed the archives of Monty Python so they could re-use the tapes. Terry Gilliam had to buy them himself, at the last minute.


14.  It is common belief in Korea that sleeping in a closed room with an electric fan is extremely dangerous.


15.  A Texas politician once succeeded in passing a bill praising the Boston Strangler to prove legislators weren’t reading what they were voting on.


16.  It is against TTC rules for a driver to stop to get coffee.


17.  In 1988 the US shot down an Iranian passenger plane, killing 290 civilians.


18.  There are more captive tigers in the US than wild tigers in the rest of the world.

19.  There is no evidence of a correlation between food and muscle cramps, and no reason not to swim after eating.


20.  I’ll let you in on a little secret: Colleges and universities are free in Norway. Including for foreigners.



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  • temba

    Interesting again Adam. Thanks.

  • Mr Pinchy

    Gonna go to Norway to get mah learn on

  • Jessie

    It amazes me how people forget big news stories like the shooting down of passenger jets. Anyone remember say…World War Two ?
    Great variety and interesting, stimulating material. You can’t make this stuff up – I hope.