Hump Day Trivia VI

“Indeed I have always found that the only thing in regard to Toronto which faraway people know for certain is that McGill University is in it.”

– Stephen Leacock,  My Discovery of the West (1937)

1. In most of the world, people don’t pay for incoming calls or texts.

2. The area code for Cape Canaveral is 321 (liftoff!).

3. Cats do not typically meow amongst themselves – it’s reserved for communication with humans.

4. Dogs have sweat glands. They sweat. And not through the tongue.

5. In 2001 the Taliban offered up Bin Laden, but were rejected by Bush.

6. “Scumbag” originally denoted a used condom.

7. Costco offers a year’s supply of food for a thousand bucks.

8. The Nazi secret code, Enigma, was cracked in Whitby. And we have yet to see even a commemorative plaque.

9. Pineapples do not grow on trees. They grow individually, on the ground.

10. Homeopathy: the belief that medicine becomes stronger the more diluted it is. Spread the word. It’s a scam.

11. Drew Carry was a marine.

12. The largest mass murder in Wisconsin’s history was directed against Frank Lloyd Wright’s mistress and her two children. Nobody knows the motives.

13. In Dances with Wolves, Costner apparently used the female version of the Lakota language, making it a comedy among that community.

14. Wanna check out the Leslie Street Spit but too lazy to walk or cycle all the way? Take the shuttle bus.

15. It is illegal to bring alcohol across provincial borders.

16. It is illegal in Canada to perform sodomy during a threesome.

17. There’s no Boxing Day in the US.

18. In Daft Punk/Michel Gondry’s “Around the World”, each dancer represents an instrument.

19. Remember in The Office (US) when Dwight mentions a really scary German children’s book that he used to be read to by his grandmother, furthering the reasons for how kooky he is? It’s real. It’s called Struwwelpeter and was published in 1845. It’s a series of short stories, including “The Story of Bad Frederick” in which a boy terrorizes animals and people and is bitten by a dog, who then eats the boy’s sausages while he is bedridden, and “The Very Sad Story of the Matches” in which a girl plays with matches and burns to death. They get worse, too.  Struwwelpeter.

20. All U-Hauls in Canada and the States are registered in Arizona because the state does not require safety inspections.

21. Matthew 6:5-6 : “Be not like the hypocrites who stand on street corners and in churches and pray so that the world can see them. Verily I say, they have their reward. But when you pray, go into your home and go into your closet and pray to your Father which is in secret; and your Father so seeing in secret shall reward thee.”

22. Berry: Watermelons, bananas, pumpkins, tomatoes. Not a berry: Strawberries.

23. Toronto has the second highest amount of high-rises in North America, with 2000 buildings over 300 feet– much more than Chicago or Mexico City.

24. 50.8% of US federal prisoners are serving time for a drug crime.

25. In 1933 there was an attempted fascist coup d’etat against FDR funded by the heads of DuPont, GM, Goodyear, Standard Oil, and Chase Bank. Oh and Prescott Bush was highly involved.

26. At the time of Columbus people knew the world was round, but argued that it was much larger than Columbus was estimating, and that he would run out of supplies before reaching India (which he claimed was one-sixth the distance). Guess what? They were correct. If the Americas didn’t exist, his crew would have perished long before reaching his intended destination.

27. There is no year zero. The day after December 31, 1 BC is January 1, 1 AD.

28. If you’re using Firefox or Chrome type “Microsoft” in the address bar. Now press Control + Enter. See what you did? Now press Control + 1 , Control +2 , etc. (Then come back here!)

29. If you are in Canada on a spousal sponsorship, and your spouse is convicted of domestic assault, buh-bye.

30. Lady Ga-Ga is half-Canadian. But so is Jimi Hendrix, so it all evens out.


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  • duncanc

    Goodstuff! Have you seen Drew Carry lately? Shocked me the other day

    • lookoutcleveland

      What’s up with him? Fat? Skinny? Old? What?