Hump Day Trivia V

“Canada is a country built against any common, geographic, historic or cultural sense.”

– Pierre Trudeau


1. The McBain clips in the Simpsons form a full movie.


2. In olden times sailors wore gold earrings so that if their body washed ashore the gold would pay for a proper burial.


3. During Prohibition, the US government poisoned industrial alcohol, and ended up killing over ten thousand people.


4 . Sharks get cancer.


5. Bela Lugosi (Dracula) was so poor upon his death that Frank Sinatra paid for his funeral. Why wasn’t that in Ed Wood?


6. In some states, it is a regular occurrence for police applicants to be denied because of a high IQ. This has somehow been ruled non-discriminatory.


7. During the filming of Leon: The Professional, when there were many police cars on the street, a man robbed a store nearby. Upon encountering the set, he gave himself up to the extras.


8. You may have heard about Tim Allen’s former coke problems. But did you know that he was facing life in prison for carrying large amounts before he ratted on people higher up than him?


9. The founder of MADD no longer supports the organization because it “has become far more neo-prohibitionist than I had ever wanted or envisioned … I didn’t start MADD to deal with alcohol. I started MADD to deal with the issue of drunk driving”


10. Marijuana today is not 10, 20, or 30 times more potent than in the late sixties. Some studies have shown a threefold increase, but tests done at that time included both the leaves and the bud. It may have increased somewhat, but most studies show no clear trend, and the “10 / 20 /30” ratios are pure myth.


11. The “cuteness” trend in Japanese culture began in the 1970s when mechanical pencils were introduced. Schoolgirls began writing in large round letters, which were adapted in the 1980s by magazines, and the calligraphy soon spread to animation, which caused an upheaval in styles.


12. Q: What is the world’s most valuable company? A: Saudi Aramco. Oh, of course.


13. The Foo Fighters have historically been strong supporters of the AIDS denialist group Alive and Well, contributing money to the cause and songs to their documentary, and even performing a benefit concert.





14. Pizza Nova isn’t just a Toronto company anymore: it has six restaurants in Cuba.





15. Ontario was condemned by the UN in 1999 for its separate school system. It’s one of the last places on Earth to have something like this.


16. Anagram of Stephen Harper : Panther Herpes.


17. The demonym of Lethbridge, Alberta is Lethbian.



18. Remember in Wayne’s World when he plays the first four notes of Stairway to Heaven at a guitar shop before being shushed? If you’ve ever bought a guitar, you do. Well, that’s been taken out due to copyright claims.


19. Some bats are the only non-primate species known to perform fellatio.


20. Chief Wiggum: “Butterfingers. Even the fire doesn’t want them.” This is when The Simpsons / Butterfingers merchandizing alliance ended.


21. In 1982 the CIA were suspicious of Soviet spying on a Canadian company’s pipeline software. They thus put a “logic bomb” in the code. Soon thereafter, a Soviet pipeline suffered the fourth largest non-Nuclear man-made explosion ever.


22. In Mississippi two sisters with no prior convictions are now serving life sentences. The crime? Stealing $11 while hurting no one.


23. There are nine other cities named Toronto, all named after the Canadian city. That’s eight in the States, one in Australia, and one in England, surprisingly, located in County Durham.


24. Ashton Kusher has yet to be an a film with a fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


25. A theatre in Italy accidentally played The Tree of Life for a week with the first two reels switched. Nobody noticed.




26. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was two shows clipped together: The American actors played the “drama” scenes, and the action scenes were taken from a Japanese show.


27.  The now-extinct passenger pigeon once flew in flocks of two billion which would black out the sky for hours.


28. Astronauts have left mirrors on the moon, which send back reflections if lazers are pointed at them… Explain that, conspiracists!



29. If you’re using Firefox, try this: Click on Tools > Options > Security > Saved Passwords > Show Passwords. You angry? To fix this problem, go to Tools > Options > Security . Now check “Use a Master Password “, and click on “Create your password”. Now you’re safe and know how to mess with other people’s lives.


30. The filming of The Room took eight months to film and a crew of over 400.



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  • pengoo

    Apparently Tommy Wisseau insisted on purchasing new equipment to shoot The Room, instead of renting it. So, the production ended up costing millions when it could have easily been tens of thousands.

    Also, he’s even more crazy in person.