Hump Day Trivia (30 Quick Facts to Enlighten Your Day)

“Canada is like an old cow. The West feeds it. Ontario and Quebec milk it. And you can well imagine what it’s doing in the Maritimes.”

-Tommy Douglas

1. Michael Cera was the voice of the brother on the Berenstein Bears cartoon show.

2. Sea otters hold hands while sleeping so they don’t float apart.

3. Tron did not get nominated for the special effects Oscar in 1982 because they used computers, which was considered cheating.

4. In a 1999 US court case, a jury found that the government was involved in Martin Luther King’s death.

5. In Japan streets have no names.

6. There’s as much oil in Alberta’s tar sands as all the liquid oil in the world combined.

7. We only use one nostril at a time, and switch every four hours (noticible when we have a cold).

8. The plural of “octopus” is “octopuses”. “Us” becomes “i” in Latin, but octopus comes from Greek.

9. “swims” upside-down spells “swims”. lol is a drowning man.

10. While Youtube is loading you can play a game of “snake” by pressing the keyboard’s arrow keys. You can press “1” to get 10% into the clip, “2” for 20%, and so on.

11. On Google, write ~ before your word and you’ll get synonyms of the inquiry in the results.

12. There’s an alien hidden in every episode of South Park.

13. Research in Motion’s job postings site is . (WARNING: Don’t bother, they’re not hiring)

14. The sons of Hitler’s nephew made a pact to never have children, therefore ending his bloodline.

15. MSG is naturally occuring, and even found in our own bodies. It’s impossible to be allergic to it.

16. Sugar does not cause hyperactivity.

17. JFK’s “Ich bin ein Berliner” does not mean he is a donut; it’s standard German for “I am a Berliner.”

18. The White House was white before we burnt it down.

19. Sushi is the name of the rice, it doesn’t mean raw fish.

20. Placing metal in a microwave does not damage it.

21. Poinsettias are not poisonous.

22. Scientists understand how bumblebees fly; the opposite claim is an urban legend.

23. Humans did not evolve from monkeys or chimps; we share a common ancestor which looks different from anything alive today.

24. Birds did not evolve from dinosaurs. They are dinosaurs.

25. The “tongue map” is bogus; different flavours can be detected from all parts of the tongue.

26. People do not use ten percent of their brains. It used to be a metaphorical expression that somehow became accepted as science by the public.

27. Heat loss through the head is not higher than any other part of the body.

28. Psychological tests have found that “bottling up” anger, etc. is actually beneficial– after you “let it all out” you remain angry. (Serenity now!)

29. The Buddha was not fat.

30. About one half of men wipe standing up and the other half wipe sitting down. Neither half knows the other half exists. Ask a few, and you’ll see.

  • Adam J. Duncan

    Oops apparently they AREN’T hiring… has been taken down, even.

    No Hamilton NHL team for us.

    • Jessie

      But then again if Hamilton got a professional hockey team, Toronto would want one too.

  • temba

    Interesting facts to share with others. Thanks!
    Looking forward to more.

    • Adam J. Duncan

      Thanks, Temba. Always love getting messages from my fans.

  • Danny DeVito

    Adam… standing or sitting?

    • Adam J. Duncan

      Well, Danny, I’m one who prefers au naturel… wiping FIRST.

  • pengoo


  • Jessie

    Great stuff ! Nice variety of scientific, historical and social. Many of course are controversial but I’m sure you are ready to defend your info. Wish more people knew about things such as the trial regarding the Martin Luther King conspiracy. Looking forward to the next set. Thanks.

    • Adam J. Duncan

      Thanks! Every… Thursday, I think.

      • SinSin


  • KILT_563

    Hi great article Duncan, but there are a few mistakes I think you should correct:

    a) When you go to a restaurant here in Canada, and ask for sushi, most of the dishes will have fish. Therefore, I’m pretty sure the Japanese word for “raw fish” is sushi… were you sure to fact-check this one?

    b) The Buddha actually WAS fat. I’ve seen quite a lot of Chinese statues of him in my time, and yes that’s the way he’s depicted. Perhaps you should spend more time with people of other cultures.

    c) The plural of “octopus” actually IS “octopi”. In my grade three class, the teacher made this abundantly clear. I’m not sure how you’ve deigned yourself an expert on what is obviously a foreign language for you, but perhaps it’s time to rethink this.

    d) “swims” upside down does not spell “swims”, it spells smiws.

    Have a good day. Together, we can improve your articles.

  • Daisy1955


    23. Humans did not evolve from monkeys or chimps; we share a common ancestor which looks different from anything alive today.

    24. Birds did not evolve from dinosaurs. They are dinosaurs.


    YES i am glad that you Mr Dunkan and I can finilly agree on something… that CHIMPANZIEZ and HUMANOIDES did NOT evolve from FILTHY MONKIES but instead we evolved from jessus h CHRIST our SAVIOR.

    And insted of nowadais when we see pictures of Afiricans ridding on giant OSTACHES jesus used to ride on the ssame… bjut they were given feathars for being FILTHY HEATHEN ANNIMALS!!!!