About PP

***This site is currently inactive. As of June 2014, we have taken an indefinite hiatus… Not the Jay-Z-kind, a real one. Who knows if this bird will ever not be able to fly again?***

Provocative Penguin is an independent culture, commentary and art online magazine created to expand the quality and reach of alternative media in Toronto and abroad. It exists to not only share thought-provoking ideas, but to foster talent through a thorough and honest editing process.

We also throw a mean party.

How it works

A new themed-issue featuring original writing and art is released on the second Friday of each month with topical posts being added to the “Freshly Hatched” feed on the front page as they are published in between volumes.

We have a great network of engaged, artsy and intelligent people who are always looking out for something that could fit our brand of “Unrefined Good Taste” and, unlike larger publication conglomerates, we take the time to respond to all legitimate submissions to our site whether we use them or not. Essentially, Provocative Penguin is an opportunity to discuss the best and worst around us, while augmenting the experience for everyone (reader, writer, artist, and thinker) involved.

Upcoming Deadlines

Writing and Art submissions are due the last Sunday of the month to be considered for the proceeding month’s issue.

(Submissions do not have to be limited to the month’s theme. If you have something provocative to say, we want to read it.)

Feb/Mar 2013 – Sex and Parties
Submissions must be receive by Sunday February 2nd, 2014


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